We can handle all your IT needs, no need to worry. Reliable and dependable services


Not sure where to start?

Allow us to perfom a technology audit on your site. We will show you where your network is and where it needs to be. Ethernet Cable or Fiber work, we can help


Want more out of your network?

We will work with you to build a comprehensive plan for expanding your network to meet your growing needs.

Security Cameras

Want to see who's lurking or just monitor your establishment?

We install the entire infrastructure for Camera Security System. Let us be your eyes.

IP based Phone Systems

Want to upgrade your phone system?

We integrate your phone system into one single software based platform allowing you and your collegues to interact with each other at the highest level

Fiber Optics

Need more reliable internet over long distances?

Our techncians are able to come on site and run fiber optic cables cable, fiber fusion splices; you name it, you can entrust us!

Device Configuration & Setup

Wired, Wireless, Switches, Routers, Firewalls
Our technicians have ample experience working with notable manufactures like Cisco, Linksys, Netgear,Foundary, and others.
We are also certified to work with all Mikrotik equipment.

Server Installation & Maintenance

Windows, Linux, VMWare, Server Racks
At RNS, we work with all aspects of your server, from the hardware to the software and everything in between If your server rack is an unsightly spaghetti mess of cables, we can clean it up, label it so it makes sense, and give you the professional look your business deserves. Our technicians are well versed in all aspects of Windows, Linux and VMWare servers. We have years of experience with Active Directory, Microsoft Office 365, Quickbooks and more. Whether you have on premise servers or wish to migrate your operations to the cloud.

Computer Support

Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Scanners
From personal computers to work computers we get your computer back online or order you a new one from one of our distributors.
We can also take care of your printers, scanners, cameras, or any other peripheral device.

Local or Cloud BackUps

Need Backups for Desktop or Servers?

We offer a wide range of backup services on premise or via a cloud service that are easily obtained, our partners are Altaro VM backup and Carbonite cloud back up

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