About Us

  • Provide you with reliable, timely, and dependable service, ALWAYS
  • Use only the highest quality materials from our hand-picked suppliers.
  • Continually improve our knowledge so that we may better serve you.
  • Respect your business, your time, and your privacy.
  • Make your technology work for you.

A few words from our customers

I cannot tell you enough how grateful I am for the excellent service I receive from your company, the VIP treatment, and the intelligent and proactive solutions you all offer to my problems and issues. The new sound system was a home run, and the suggested music programming system even let us set different music styles by hour to keep our customers happy. They LOVE it! Our new security camera system actually helped identify a thief, and we were able to turn in the footage- with still captures and timeline- right to the police! Even they were impressed at the performance, placement and clarity of the cameras, and we now swear by our awesome new system! I would recommend RNS to anyone – you guys honestly put the needs of the customers first, and it shows in everything you do. THANK YOU!

- Wendy Keeler General Manager - Beeston Hill Health and Wellness LLC

I discovered Reliable technical support in 2009 from an advertisement on the side of a company car. It was a time when the technical resources that I was using could not have been any worse. I called them up and the rest is history. They have displayed everything that their name implies by answering all of our questions, needs,and disasters in a timely professional manner. They have kept us updated and kept our business running smoothly. I appreciate them immensely.

- Dr. Carolyn Merritt Dermatologist - Carolyn Merritt MD and Associates, PLLC